Friday, 16 March 2012

Paint Colors in My Home

I have had quite a few requests to share the paint colors in my home. Sorry it has taken me so long to get them to you all, but honestly, I had to go digging for the paint cans in the storage room to get the exact brands and colors. For those of you that have asked and have been patiently waiting for me to answer, here they are...finally!

Family Room and Kitchen
Crisp Khaki by Kwal Howell
Kitchen Cabinets are painted Balsa by Pratt & Lambert

Dining Room
Simple Gray by Valspar (Lowes)

Master Bedroom
Serenity by Olympic @ 50% (Lowes)

There you have it! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We will be spending the weekend trying to purge and pack...good times!

wishing you

wishing you.....

dreams of the sea


by now we've made it to the south so for the next two weeks there will be some rather fabulous ladies guest posting in the Crushing on Colour series... their posts are stunning - hope you'll stop by and enjoy :)

have a wonderful couple of weeks - x am

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Oh YES I Did {Buy and Elephant Table}

In preparation of the family room install that we are doing this week, I went antiquing on Tuesday to find a few accessories to fill in the blanks and add a little character.  (Those of you who follow me on twitter and instagram saw a few of my delicious finds.)  I found some great pieces and even walked away with ONE item that wont be going into the family room.  It’s an antique wood elephant table made in India.  Not quite sure what job this will head to, but I knew it was too good to pass up.

I’m guessing some of you will be equally as excited as I was, and some of you wont get it.  It’s definitely an eclectic piece.  I really want to put it in a more traditional room and have it be that little “surprise” element.  

Until then, I love it long time.  Elephant lovers unite!   

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Kids' Rooms and NEWS!

Thank you for all of the well wishes on my little television gig. I had a wonderful time doing it, even though most of the time I felt completely out of my element. I was told that the show with my segment in it will air next week! I am both excited and a little leery about seeing myself on TV! 

I have shared so many of the rooms in my home with all of you, but I have yet to let you peek into the rooms where my cute kiddos lay their pretty little heads at night...until now. I had planned on completely making over my two girls' rooms this year and had also planned on giving my little guy's room an update when he transitioned into a big boy bed. Now that we are selling our house, those plans have completely gone out the window, so I thought it would be fun to show you their rooms as they look now. Please forgive the quality of the pictures. I took these with my point and shoot camera a few months ago and quite frankly, I'm feeling too lazy to get out my new DSLR to take some better shots! Sorry! 

I'm already dreaming about design plans for my kids' rooms in our new home! Yes, that's right! We are officially moving! We accepted an offer on our home last week and put an offer in on a new home that was accepted the next day! We always thought we would build again, but a few weeks ago my hubby and I found a house that we both fell in love with. We walked through it and felt, almost immediately, that it was meant for us. We decided to put our house up for sale that night. Does that sound crazy? I'm still in a fog from it all, but we are incredibly grateful and excited. It has all happened so quickly! So much faster then I could have ever anticipated. We realize that both the sale of this home and the purchase of the new house are not done deals until after all the papers are signed, but we are cautiously optimistic. Everything seems to be falling into place and we feel as though we have found the place and the home where the Lord wants our family to be. If all goes as planned, we will be moving into our new home at the end of April. We have lots of purging and packing to do. I can't wait to share some pictures of our new house with you and, better yet, share the progress we make while we turn our new house into our home sweet home! 

Do you have any new or exciting news to share? I would love to hear about it!

Just a Peek at the Shower Curtain

Please forgive the corny nature of this post, but when the guys hung up Girly Glam’s shower curtain yesterday, I had a little “moment”.  Learning this design industry, running a small business, trying to do something different and special… sometimes it can all feel SO HARD.  I feel I’ve been trying to prove myself forever and get clients who want to work with us for MY designs and not just my father’s expert craftsmanship.  Will I jinx myself if I say that’s finally happening?  I just feel grateful today.

You know what else is happening today?  A new client meeting and then an install of a family room!  I love installs- seeing the design come together and room be transformed is so flippin exciting.

I am so so so proud of this home we are installing today.  We’ve done the foyer, living room, dining room, powder room and now today it’s the family room.  I’ve been totally holding out on you guys- for over a year- but I’m super excited to finally reveal it.  If you liked my loft, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And I’m off!  Happy Hump Day…

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Eggs On Top Tablescape

My Easter tablescape features an egg wreath that is now a centerpiece, my Noritake Azalea China and some Fitz and Floyd Easter pieces.

I bought the egg wreath a few years ago and even though it has a hanger on the back, I always felt it was too heavy for the door. I like it on the table and think it makes a great centerpiece. It is sitting on a cake stand with the pink pillar candle.

I love my Azalea China. It has been in my family for three generations and will get passed on to my daughter then to her siblings to make five generations owning it. The collection started with my Grandmother who bought pieces from the Larkin Company using premiums from laundry detergent in the 1930s. I remember eating chicken and dumplings and home-made rolls on the China. She was such a cook!!

The Fitz and Floyd rabbits in the picture below are from the Woodland Spring Collection. I'll show you more pieces in another post.

The rabbit teapot and salt and pepper shakers below are Fitz and Floyd Botanical Collection. They are such delicate pieces, I try to be so careful with their ears. 

I like how my table looks so symmetrical in the shot below. (I saw someone take a shot like this one and was impressed so I want to give it a try.)

I owe a special "thank you" to my good friend JoAnn over at Jo's This and That for making the pink tablerunner and napkins. I found the fabric close to 30 years ago, put it away and kind of forgot about it. Then one Sunday a few weeks ago, I started thinking about the fabric and thought how stunning it would look with my Azalea dishes but had no clue where it might be since I have moved several times since then. Well, I found it in a closet in perfect condition. I knew Jo had a serger that could make the perfect edge. I mailed Jo the fabric and she was so sweet to make the runner and napkins.

My husband bought the Wm. Rogers and Son Gold Plated Enchanted Rose Flatware set one Saturday when we were living in Cape Girardeau. He came home from a little shop and surprised me with the set. Such a sweetie!!  

The pink stemware is Fostoria.  

I wanted you to notice the Azalea cake plate in the lower left corner of the image above. It is such a pretty piece. I have many other pieces of the Azalea so maybe another post sometime will give me a change to share them with you. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my Eggs On Top - Judy.

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They Belong to the Road

The weather is great here today in Western Missouri, the sun is shining and it is 82 degrees. What more could you want? Well, I wanted some daffodils for a tablescape I was working on. They make an "ideal" centerpiece. My husband agreed to take me for a drive in the country and look for daffodils. Here's what I found:

I have such a cute story to share with you about the daffodils so please follow along.

We weren't having much luck finding any daffodils until we passed a very  elderly man and woman who were cutting up tree limbs and burning them in the ditch across the road from their house.

Then just past the fence that marked their property, there were several clumps of daffodils and they were blooming. I was excited, at last daffodils next to the road.

We drove along the road a little further, turned the car around and headed back to ask about the flowers. I got out of the car and the woman walked over to me; I asked if the daffodils past the fence were hers and she said "no, they belong to the road." I simply smiled and asked if I could take some pictures and cut a few for my table. She agreed and mentioned I could dig some if I had a shovel.

I was glad I wore my rubber boots because it was muddy around the daffodils. I took my pictures and cut a few flowers. I had no shovel nor did I want to dig. I was just thrilled to get the flowers.

We stopped back by, I rolled down the window and thanked her for the flowers even though they "belonged to the road."

I was very quiet on the way home as I thought about her phrase "they belong to the road," and I knew I wanted to include the story in my post. I hope you enjoyed the story along with the daffodils - Judy.

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